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Healing Services

Get ready to Turn on the Switch!

If you are looking for a powerful, heartwarming and humorous speaker who will motivate and educate your group on the power of positive thinking using the 15 tools from Turn on the Switch contact Carla O’Reilly (carlajoreilly@gmail.com) and visit www.turnontheswitch.ca!

If you are ready to unlock the door to wellness after suffering with any adversity, search no more! Behind the Mask-Trust, Adjust and Transform your Life! is a wellness workbook the holds the secret to living with joy!

The authors of The Smiling Mask-Truths about Postpartum Depression and Parenthood, made astonishing transformations after destroying the stigma of PPD and becoming awareness advocates. After speaking over 200 times audiences kept coming up with the same simple question, “How can you be so happy?” The answers will be unlocked for readers in Behind the Mask!

Behind the Mask, is based on the timeless principles of self awareness, forgiveness, acceptance and love! The author’s bring a mix of humor, humility, humanity and happiness that anyone can relate too. The reader will be moved to trust, adjust and take action to transform their own life and begin their healing journey!

Maternal Mental Health Workshops

Connecting the Hands of the Community to Build up the Family Foundation.

Is your organization or health region looking for creative ways to connect the hands of the community to strengthen maternal mental health supports?

Check out our workshop which provides the following benefits for your community and health region! (Created specifically for public health, mental health and home-visiting programs)

Our full day workshop includes

First hand testimonials from PPD survivors combined with practical PPD education:

  • PPD Definitions
  • Sign and symptoms
  • PPD prevention plan
  • Tools on how to help the mother
  • EPDS screens
  • Importance of PPD groups in the community
  • The Smiling Mask website

A showcasing of The Smiling Mask documentary in the afternoon with an interactive Q &A with Authors including overview ofBehind the Mask: Trust, Adjust and Transform your Life! Using the tools of self -awareness, forgiveness, acceptance and love.

Book this session and help spread education, empowerment and encouragement in your area.  Set goals at the end of the session with stakeholders in your community and up the family foundation.


  • Support groups
  • An annual maternal mental health event
  • PPD included in prenatal education.

The Smiling Mask Press Kit

Behind the Mask

Behind The Mask – Press Kit PPD tools to recovery

Check out our interview!

Public speaking appearance