Special thanks goes to...

When reading our stories of gratitude to the people who co-create our amazing journey, they all have one thing in common...their incredibly generous natures.  Each and every one of them also goes beyond their comfort zones (or, maybe this is their zone of comfort!) to make that significant difference for others.  Please, read on to understand our immense gratitude for such Angels on Earth....

Peggy Collins
For believing in us!  If it wasn't for her dedication and trust in our project, our book wouldn't have been published as quickly and as heartfully as it was!  You truly worked your purpose with us ~ BIG hugs!

Jay Roach - Design & Consulting 

We could not have chosen a person who was more in-tune with our purpose.  Jay's talent superseded our expectations.  When we all met to view samples of book cover for the first time ... he had us in tears!  We are so grateful for his belief in us ~ thank you from all our hearts, Jay.

University of Regina Printing Services

For being so prompt, friendly and understanding about all our printing urgencies ... your work is the bees-knees!

University of Regina Bookstore

In particular, Peter Adams!  What a guy!!  He has been a tremendous supporter of ours by holding Book Signings and "Congratulating!" us every step of the way :)  p.s.  You must check out the scarf collection they have in-store for $5.95 a gorgeous piece!

Bishop Weber Photographers
WOW ... how we want to buy both Scott and Jamie a couple fancy cars for taking the time out of their plentiful schedules to take our poses for 2 1/2 hours! Amazing men with amazing hearts who do amazing work!!


Dan Carr

How MUCH we appreciate you not only coming to our talks, but for also recording and digitizing our videos for our site so that families who can't attend or buy our book have this valuable resource to watch.  You've helped out more than you'll ever know!

Ted Deller

Ted has been a cheerleader of ours since we had our first CBC Morning News Edition radio interview on July 22nd, 2008!!  The energy in that room between us all was prolific and remains so as he's doing his best to get us on the Steven & Chris Show and then Oprah!  He wants our message to go global because he believes in our vision and thinks we make good "guest!"  Let's join Ted in his vision for us - let's dream BIG, everyone!!  Let's make that difference to Moms and their families who are needlessly suffering - it does take a village to raise a healthy and happy child!  It takes this same village to raise a healthy and happy mother and father, too.

Claire Belanger-Parker

Well...if it wasn't for Claire's incredibly bright spirit and being inspired by our stories, she wouldn't have organized the first "Unmasking Postpartum Depression" conference in Regina and continued a wave of change for our province!  Our conference was meant to be a Call-for-Action and that is most certainly what is happening ~ www.skmaternalmentalhealth.ca!  A heartfelt thank-you to Dr. Angela Bowen, too, who took it upon herself to join our steering committee, as well!  WHAT A TEAM!!  One last note...Claire nominated our team for the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards, and we WON in the "Circle of Friends" category.  It will be a night we'll always remember!!!  Claire is also a recipient of last year's Awards in the category "Entrepreneurship & Innovation" and felt it was only right to nominate a person/people for 2010...what spirit!

Dianne Ouellette

Dianne is über creative and passionate as ever!  She created our documentary out of the goodness of her heart and pocket book because she KNOWS the value of telling such stories.   No worries, we're making up for all her beautiful work and generosity!

Dr. Angela Bowen & Lindsey Bruce

After connecting with Angela and Lindsey, fall of 2009, and being asked if we would be members of the Maternal Mental Health Strategy for SK, our mission propelled to even greater heights!   Together, Angela and Lindsey facilitate and organize the bi-weekly Webex meetings for the 30+ members that represent every region of Saskatchewan; Lindsey will be writing the policy.  What's happening in the year 2010 is absolutely stellar as the health care professionals of this province are rising up to create a universal screening and a comprehensive treatment program for each pregnant and new mother's entire well-being ~ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Here's to continued vibrant success for the "MotherFirst" strategy for the mothers and their families of Saskatchewan!  One other thing...our team wants to thank the both of them with a 3-week vacation in the sun, if we could for promoting and organizing the venue for our documentary debut in Saskatoon...over 100 people attended!  THANK YOU : ))  One LAST thing...thank you to Angela for writing such a powerful letter of support for our YWCA Women of Distinction nomination package!

Dr. Thomas Mainprize
Dr. Mainprize, or, Tom, as we prefer to call him (because he's such a warm and gracious man, and...he let's us) wrote an incredible letter of support for our YWCA nomination package, too!  Here's just some of the words that made us verklempt..."These women bared their souls, not to condemn our health care system, but to highlight the awareness of this devastating issue so others need not have to suffer as they did. (I later learned that postpartum depression is a significant cause of suicide, worldwide. Again something many of us do not appreciate.)"  We will be forever grateful for his care and connection with us.

Terra Brockett
Terra bore her soul to us after we spoke one evening at the Wesley United Church.  Her story about her friend, Jennifer and her daughter, brought us to tears and inspired Carla to interview Terra and share this tragedy so the stigma is released through such honesty.  We realize that it truly does take honest and hopeful story-telling to engage people to act.  Terra...thank you for being such a willing ambassador of our cause and hope!!  YOU ROCK!