What Worked for Us - Guides

These guides will "evolve" as it is our intent to include tools and techniques that are working or have worked for others. Please, feel free to contact us with your ideas at [email protected]

Click here for the  Postpartum Tools to Recovery that worked for us and continue to do so in all areas of our lives.

Click here for Tools for Husbands, Family and Friends.

Techniques that are extremely effective and FREE at relieving stress ~ Deep Belly Breathing and Radical Forgiveness !

Our recently published workbook, Behind the Mask: Trust, Adjust and Transform Your Life! details how we went from surviving to thriving!

A Self-care Program for Women with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.  This manual was created to meet the need of both women with postpartum depression and the health care providers who treat these women and their families. Their goals are to 1.) educate about the causes, presentation and different treatments of postpartum depression, and 2.) provide structured exercises to help women become active participants in their own treatment and recovery - http://www.bcwomens.ca.

Video from the "Unmasking Postpartum Depression" conference  ... may you be comfortably enlightened!

Much success and support to you on your journey to life-long health!