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Promoting our PPD books at a conference
The Smiling Mask book includes the shocking and powerful true stories of Carla O’Reilly, Elita Paterson and Tania Bird healing journey through PPD.
All three suffered with a different type of PPD (Panic and Anxiety, OCD and Postpartum Psychosis)
  • A clinical preface written by psychologist Marlene Harper
  • Interviews with the Husbands and their experiences
  • Signs & symptoms
  • Ways to support the mother
  • Healing guides for the mother to support herself

Carla O’Reilly Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Positive Power Coach CCP “The Smiling Mask-Truths about Postpartum Depression and Parenthood”

“Behind the Mask-Trust, Adjust and Transform your Life!”

Behind the Mask-Trust, Adjust and Transform your Life!

If you are ready to unlock the door to wellness after suffering with any adversity, search no more! Behind the Mask-Trust, Adjust and Transform your Life! is a wellness workbook the holds the secret to living with joy!

The authors of The Smiling Mask-Truths about Postpartum Depression and Parenthood, made astonishing transformations after destroying the stigma of PPD and becoming awareness advocates. After speaking over 200 times audiences kept coming up with the same simple question, “How can you be so happy?” The answers will be unlocked for readers in Behind the Mask!

Behind the Mask, is based on the timeless principles of self awareness, forgiveness, acceptance and love! The author’s bring a mix of humor, humility, humanity and happiness that anyone can relate too. The reader will be moved to trust, adjust and take action to transform their own life and begin their healing journey!

Check out the Smiling Mask documentary, which has been showcased at 10 medical conferences across Canada and is being used by Public Health, Mental Health and in Universities as an educational resource

It will change the way you view marriage, parenthood and mental illness!

Elita Paterson, Certified Peaceful Parent Coach

Welcome to the new paradigm of parenting!  Raising your child does NOT have to be so hard. Learn to parent in a way that is not about having control over your child, but creating an authentic relationship, with your child, that is built on a foundation of shared values and respect. Visit us here for more information and to contact me for a free Discovery Session!

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