Carla and Tania, thank you for speaking the truth. Through the sharing of your own personal experiences, you provided opportunity for our community members to talk about and begin some initial planning to address postpartum depression in our work and better support our new parents. Your openness to share your personal stories made it ìrealî and provided great insight into how a whole family can be greatly affected.

Your stories were powerful in creating a spark in our community, to ensure that information and supports are available to all women; not only in formal medical centers or by medical professionals, but incorporated in the informal network connections that exist in our communities.

Thank you both for opening the doors on the subject of postpartum depression . Real life stories ìhit homeî and your engaging, honest and emotional reflections provide the courage for others to join the movement in creating supports for new moms. As a result , I am hopeful we will see improved supports and services in our region.

Lois Okrainec

Program Manager, Yorkton Kids First Program

The workshop presented by the Smiling Mask team was both professionally and personally empowering. The message of getting support to families at the earliest opportunity is one that our agency understands as we work directly with families who have a child with a disability. The resources from the Smiling Mask assists us to put an emphasis on good mental health and be part of a solution that ends the silence stigma around postpartum depression. Their message is one that every family and every professional who works with families needs to hear.

Debbie Ross

Executive Director, ECIP Regina

As a mom of a 2 year old I too have lived through the effects of post partum and PTSD (as diagnosed by my physician).  My pregnancy is when it all started.  Instead of looking forward to being a new mom I was faced with the challenges of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke watch, extreme swelling and multiple other factors.  Needless to say I felt like I had fought the war and was so happy the moment my son was born.  My happiness was more a feeling of relief.  The war was overÖ.or so I thoughtÖ but it did not end.  Post partum took over.  Looking back now I do know that there is hope, support and strategies that can work for each of us.  When I recently attended a presentation of the Smiling Mask I felt inspired to share my journey with others so that they too know they are not alone.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  From Post partum to gratitude was my journey.  My focus on gratitude is the path I am venturing down now.  I have felt healthy for over a year now and was stuck on what do to with the learning I had experience from my own situation.  Thanks to Carla and Tanya for lighting the spark that has inspired me onto my next path.  Gratitude,  for the gift I have of understanding and knowledge I can share with others about postpartum depression and the honor of each and every day waking up to my beautiful son.

Rhonda Berard

Health Care Professional